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Sight of The Beast- The Dark Chronicles Book 1

Sight of The Beast- The Dark Chronicles Book 1

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Even the brightest of lights will cast shadows…. The Dark Chronicles…are the stories of those that have peered into their darkness too long, Flirting with the unseen ,  dancing with their demons.”

 Sight of the beast …The Dark Chronicles
by T.M McGee

A triple tale of spicy super natural fiction-

Dr. Tiana McGuire has always been an introvert. Preferring her books and research over her social life.
°A Case of wrong place wrong time
°Results in her being chased down by demons
°Cursed with the gift of sight
°She has the power to see super natural forces
°Her friends become targets due to her recklessness
°Now all of them must run for their lives
°Will her closest demon become her saving grace?

You cant outrun what’s  already  within you.....

“ I don’t know what's happening to me. Something about her scent…is demanding that I make her mine.”

Follow along as three friends flee fight and fall for their demons

First story - Tiana & Bounty - Sight of The Beast 

(BWWM+ Thriller+ Female Dominate Sex+ Demonic Undertones

Second Story - Yolanda & Keanu Love Bites

(BWWM+ Step Mother + Shifter Werewolves 

Third Story- Tao & Stacia Un-taming The Beast

(AMWW+ Demonic Undertones+ Japanese influenced 


+18 erotic fiction- guaranteed happy ending- contains dark themes
May trigger unpleasant emotional responses reader beware

 Kindle app required for download 

Ebook available on Amazon Click the link below 

Paper Back Coming Soon- Paper back avail in US only via this site 

international readers can purchase the paperback via Amazon

LInk For Sight of The Beast

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