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Shattered and Betrayed Book 1 Pride Hard Cover

Shattered and Betrayed Book 1 Pride Hard Cover

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Series Summary

A Goddess wakes up to find herself tortured and betrayed by her husband and sister. In a last-ditch effort to save her immortal soul, she sends its fragments into the heavens. This begins a collection of romances and encounters with various warlords, knights, criminals, and deities


Contains dark themes, strong language, 2-3 sexual scenes

Pride book 1: After shattering her soul stone Nemala awakens to find herself in chains once again. She may not have her memories but the pride of a Goddess is etched deep with her soul. Fates be damned for this Goddess shall once again rise to power.

Writers style- Written in a conversational format with a twist to help the reader imagine a more medieval period (casual and informal doesn't follow most standards of formal English nor does it rely on specific grammar rules and structure. It's a more natural and freestyle of writing).

Audiobook in production - 100% fully immersive with SFX music and computer-generated voice actors. created and produced by TM McGee. " I've learned a lot with my first two publications. From those failures and mistakes I've been able to learn how to do better. I thank everyone for their feedback."

Books of this series

Book 1 - Pride - Micah & Nemala

Book 2 - Deviance- Drinus & Nemala

Book 3 - Endurance - Cresci & Nemala

Book 4 - Passion- Zhen & Nemala

Book 5 - The Empress Returns - Malhuia & Nemala ( bi sexual reverse harem)

Stand-alone TBD: The Dark Temptress- Ny'shayla

The granddaughter of Nemala and Micah story

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