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Ai Book Character design

Ai Book Character design

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Congratulations on your new book! As a digital illustrator, I focus on character creation with a commitment to transparency. The software I use may produce characters with slight variations, ensuring uniqueness but also similarity. For projects requiring consistent character representation, it involves generating over 200 images for software learning, which is time-intensive. Thus, a considerable time frame and deadline are necessary for book projects.


Service Overview:

1. **Character Creation Package :** This includes crafting one character in various scenes with 2-3 different versions. The process generates 200+ images, encompassing character reference sheets, setting and background samples, character image concepts, and mock book images. All outputs, including unsuccessful ones, are provided.


2. **Book Creation:** This requires a custom quote. For more complex illustrations and backgrounds, collaboration with a third-party illustrator can be discussed.


**Character Design Importance in Storytelling:**

- **Role Identification:** Understand the character's role (protagonist, antagonist, or supporting role) and their contribution to the plot.

- **Personality Definition:** Define traits like introversion/extroversion, optimism/pessimism, preferences, and motivations.

- **Backstory Development:** Create a past that shapes the character's personality and actions.


**File Management:**

- **Standard:** All images are compiled in a single extensive file.

- **Curated:** Files are organized into categories like face swaps, backgrounds, main character designs, and props.


**Please Note:**

- **Illustration and Character Design:** Character design involves creating visual representations for visualization purposes, not complete book illustrations. It includes sketches and variations focusing on poses, expressions, and styles, refining until client satisfaction. It's a guide for future illustrations, not the final artwork.

- **Difference Between Character Design and Book Illustration:** Character design is a part of the illustration process, focusing on visualizing characters and settings. Full book illustration integrates other elements like composition, lighting, and narrative flow.


**AI Software Disclaimer:** Please understand that AI software does not guarantee successful illustrations or that your prompts will yield desired art. Orders are nonrefundable, acknowledging the inherent risks involved.


**Contact:** For alignment of expectations and capabilities, please message before placing an order.

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