Author Q&A

Author Q&A

📚Question- How many stories have you written ?
A: 100's 😅😂 (some are too personal
I'm not ready to share those) but only ten(ish) will be published in 2021.

📚 How are you able to write so many stories about different things.?
A: I've always been a big reader avg about 100+ books a month since childhood. Instead of tv I read books majority of the time. When I'm not reading I'm writing. Either its just a replay of my dreams or inspired by something in my life. So it just feels normal to me. I was discouraged from writing in the past when one of my stories was stolen from me. But now I no longer hide behind fear and just write with passion 🥰

📚Are your friends and family supportive?
A: My family and close friends are amazing! But I've never been one to wait for others to clap for me. Any move I make I do so with my own encouragement. You'll be sadly disappointed if you wait for others to recognize you for you to see your own worth. If people enjoy my stories I'll be happy. Someone actually messaged me and ask me why I do so much lol... I wasn't offended but it just showed me how little people's minds are. Your limits don't apply to me. I do what I do and move how I move My motto is unapologetically me for a reason.

📚As a writer, what do you want your readers to gain from your books?
A: An escape.... life can be draining. If someone is able to pick up a book and just find peace, adventure or retreat then I've achieved what I wanted to do.

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